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  • Connecting people. Developing Leaders. Building Community.

    That’s what Talbot Young Professionals are all about. Established in 2002 as a committee of the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce, for the purpose of developing the next generation of leaders, while encouraging networking among the brightest minds in our community.

    Anyone can join the YPs! We often say, "You don't have to be young or a professional to join the YP's!" So join us!

    While it’s true, many YPs fall into the typical 21-40ish age bracket, there’s also plenty more who join because they’re new to the area, new to their job, or just plain looking for fun stuff to do with like-minded people.

    The YPs create events and programs, like PaddleJam and the Toys for Tots toy drive, but also organize fun outings like brewery bus tours, paint nights, escape rooms, ball games and mixers! Wanna know more? Come to a monthly luncheon, or after-hours mixer.

    Talbot YPs offer assistance to our community partners. If you have an event you think we can help with, email us at info@talbotchamber.org or call 410-822-4653.

  • Mission Statement

    To "connect, empower and engage" young professionals throughout Talbot County, by providing opportunities for leadership development, growth, networking and socializing, with a strong focus on making a difference and giving back to the community, and above all, having fun!


    • To attract young professionals to Talbot County by considering their needs, aspiratioions, and lifestyle differences.
    • Support a robust job market with diverse opportunities in industries that appeal to Young Professionals, such as tech, creative industries and entrepreneurship.
    • Enhance educational opportunties by supporting local schools and colleges and promoting lifelong learning programs and vocational training.
    • Facilitate networking events, professional affiliations, mentorship programs, and community engagement initiatives to help young professionals build connections and support networks. 
    • Create opportunities for our young professionals to experience all the region's best assets such as our vibrant cultural districts, entertainment venues, museums, parks, recreational facilities and diverse restaurants.
    • To give back to the community through various fundraising and volunteer efforts such as our Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive.
  • Upcoming Events

    The YP's and The Chamber have a bunch of great things coming up! Check them all out!
  • Steering Committee

    GL Fronk
    Committee Chair
    Joseph W. McCartin Insurance, Inc.

    Hali Leeson
    Summit Community Bank

    Mark Murphy
    Direct Mortgage Loans

    Adam Jones
    Summit Community Bank
    Leah Copper
    Easton Utilities

    Adam Miley

    Frank Gunsallus
    BDK inc.

    Iryna Gunsallus
    APG Media

    Amy Kreiner
    Talbot County Chamber of Commerce

    Contact us at info@talbotchamber.org


  • Develop and Connect

    Ron Flohr Speaking at LuncheonOur events are focused on both professional and personal development. Often presented by YPs, these programs are quick-paced and discussion-based to encourage active participation from the audience. We offer a variety of programs throughout the year to fit a variety of developmental needs. These events tap you into what’s happening in the community and give you a “heads–up” on what’s going on in the region.

    Most of our programs feature a networking component.  They encourage you to make the connections that are vital to your personal and business success. Connect not only with other YPs but also with influential business and community leaders. Being part of a group can lead to other opportunities; a community’s Young Professionals Group can serve as a resource to cities in the region when they are looking for YPs to sit on various boards and committees.

  • Monthly Meet & Greet Events

    Connecting at a luncheonWe hold meet ups every fourth Thursday of the month, in addition to numerous other events such as bowling nights, event planning meetings, and lunch and learns. This year marks the 20th year of our biggest initiative, the annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive and Luncheon, benefitting local children in need, beginning in late October and ending mid-December with a wonderful luncheon at the Tidewater Inn. We strive to hold events all around Talbot County, so YPs can experience everything we have to make it a great place to live, work and play, such as fabulous restaurants, recreational facilities, museums and cultural districts, and especially its diverse people! We jokingly say "you don't have to be young nor professional to join the YP's"! We hope you'll check out the Chamber Events Calendar and join us at one of our fun gatherings!



  • Volunteer & Have Fun!

    Throughout the year, the YP’s participate in various volunteer efforts including:


    We have our own stretch of road to keep clean. The last clean-up day was in March. Our sign is up! Drive by and see it from the Bypass on Oxford Rd.

    Pumpkin Carving Night

    Every year we partner with the PTO to offer a Pumpkin Carving Night to for children ages 5 to 10 a few days before Halloween.

    Toys for Tots Drive & Luncheon

    The drive kicks off in late October and goes until the luncheon (held at the Tidewater Inn on the second Wednesday in December) at which time we will present all the donations collected to the Marine Corps Reserves at our Annual Toys for Tots Luncheon.  This is our biggest event of the year and everyone has lots of fun winning numerous door prizes and the 50/50 raffle. The big guy in red takes time out of his busy schedule to stop by!

    The Great St. Patrick's Day Post Parade Potato Race

    Every March 17th, immediately following the Town of Easton’s St. Patrick Day Parade, the Talbot County Young Professionals participate in the Annual Potato Race in downtown Easton. Watch or run as teams of four relay while balancing potatoes on wooden spoons! Compete for the coveted trophy and more importantly — bragging rights! Want to join us? Email right now!

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