• Business Awards

  • 1985

    Business Woman: Delia B. Denny

    Small Business: Fox’s Family Store

    Large Business: Willow Construction


    Business Woman: Jane Tolar

    Business Man: A.B. “Tim” Kagan

    Small Business: The Chambers Restaurant

    Large Business: Dawkins Market


    Business Woman: Powell B. Gorman

    Business Man: David N. Weise

    Small Business: Merrimac Cleaners

    Large Business: Simpkins Roofing


    Business Woman: Judy D. Noel

    Business Man: William “Buck” Duncan

    Small Business: Avon Dixon Agency

    Large Business: Wildlife International


    Business Woman: Ann H. Howard

    Business Man: Lloyd L. Beatty

    Small Business: Hudson’s Pharmacy

    Large Business: William Hill Manor


    Business Woman: Cynthia Brown Long

    Business Man: William J. Brogan

    Small Business: Jerry’s Painting

    Large Business: The Collier Group


    Business Woman: Jacqueline F. Dianich

    Business Man: Maurice B. Newnam III

    Small Business: Laser Letters

    Large Business: Miles & Stockbridge


    Business Woman: Diana Q. Mautz

    Business Man: William C. Hill

    Small Business: Westphal Jewelers

    Large Business: St. Michaels Harbour Inn


    Business Woman: Dr. Silvia A. Diaz

    Business Man: Albert B. Gipe

    Small Business: Patriot Cruises

    Large Business: Talbot Bank


    Business Woman: Blenda W. Armistead

    Business Man: Robert P. Fuller

    Small Business: Sights & Sounds

    Large Business: The Memorial Hospital


    Business Woman: Bobbie Harrison

    Business Man: John H. Murray

    Small Business: Waterfowl Festival

    Large Business: Robert Morris Inn


    Business Woman: Mary Ann Bradley

    Business Man: John R. Kotula

    Small Business: East Coast Flight Services

    Large Business: Standard Fusee

    Not for Profit: Academy of the Arts


    Business Woman: Kelley Cox

    Business Man: Henry Corbin

    Small Business: St. Michaels Candy & Gifts

    Large Business: Inn at Perry Cabin

    Not for Profit: Talbot Hospice Foundation

    Leadership: Clinton S. Bradley


    Business Woman: Shari L. McCord

    Business Man: Larry Neviaser

    Small Business: Town & Country Liquors

    Large Business: Easton Utilities

    Not for Profit: YMCA

    Leadership: Michael F. Whelan


    Business Woman: Louise Hawkins

    Business Man: Lou Satchell

    Small Business: 3Di, LLC

    Large Business: Chesapeake Publishing

    Not for Profit: Habitat for Humanity

    Leadership: J. T. Long III


    Business Woman: Barbie Smith

    Business Man: Buddy Harrison

    Small Business: Sears

    Large Business: Harrison’s Country Inn

    Not for Profit: Avalon Foundation


    Business Woman: Judi Loscomb

    Business Man: W. Lee Denny

    Small Business: Atelier 11, Ltd.

    Large Business: Bob Smith Automotive Group

    Not for Profit: Easton Day Care Center, Inc.

  • 2002

    Business Woman: Judith W. Price

    Business Man: Michael M. Richards

    Small Business: George W. Combs, Inc.

    Large Business: Mason’s

    Not for Profit: Channel Marker, Inc.


    Business Woman: Mary E. Wheeler

    Business Man: Andrew “Drew” R. Jensen

    Small Business: Easton Cycle & Sport/Travel Associates

    Large Business: PRO*TEMPS Staffing Solutions

    Not for Profit: Pickering Creek Audubon Ctr


    Business Woman: Patti K. Willis

    Business Man: R. Michael S. Menzies, Sr.

    Small Business: Curves for Women, Easton

    Large Business: David Wheeler Volvo Honda

    Not for Profit: Chesapeake Center, Inc.

    Community Service: G. Allen Whiteley


    Business Woman: Linda Laramy

    Business Man: Richard Bernstein

    Small Business: National Medical Imaging

    Large Business: Easton Bank & Trust

    Not for Profit: CASA of Talbot County

    Community Service: Lloyd L. Beatty, Sr.


    Business Woman: Denise Riley

    Business Man: Allen M. Bryan, Jr.

    Small Business: Kleppinger Electric

    Large Business: Neviaser Toyota-Scion, Easton

    Not for Profit: Habitat for Humanity of Talbot

    Community Service: Lou E. Satchell

    Disability Friendly: The Gardens at Wm Hill Manor


    Business Woman: Carla Cronin

    Business Man: C. Albert Pritchett

    Small Business: Shearer The Jeweler

    Large Business: Staples

    Not for Profit: For All Seasons, Inc.

    Community Service: Project Idlewild

    Disability Friendly: Wal-Mart


    Business Woman: Kathie Jones

    Business Man: Kevin Greaney

    Small Business: Mattress Registry

    Large Business: Kelly Distributors Inc.

    Not For Profit: Mid-Shore Community Fndtn

    Community Service: Sylvia J. Gannon


    Business Woman: Nina Ayres Lanham

    Business Man: Larry Smith

    Small Business: Pecan Yummies

    Large Business: AQUA Pools & Spas

    Not For Profit: Talbot County Free Library

    Community Service: W. Moorhead Vermilye


    Business Woman: Mary Ann Henker

    Business Man: Joseph P. Ross

    Small Business: Mid Atlantic Tire, LLC

    Large Business: Willow Construction, LLC

    Not For Profit: Critchlow Adkins Children’s Centers

    Community Service: Herbert L. Andrew III


    Business Woman: Aida Leisure

    Business Man: Steve Shearer

    Small Business: Scottish Highland Creamery

    Large Business: PNC Bank

    Not For Profit: Freedom Rowers

    Community Service: John Dillon


    Business Woman: Suzanne Pittenger-Slear

    Business Man: David Fike

    Small Business: Captain’s Ketch

    Large Business: Elm Street Development Corp

    Not For Profit: Chesapeake Bay Maritime Msm.

    Community Service: William W. “Buck” Duncan, Jr.


    Business Woman: Lauren Dianich

    Business Man: Geoff Oxnam

    Small Business: The Milestone Event Center

    Large Business: WhiteOak Group

    Not For Profit: Neighborhood Service Center

    Young Professional: Teri Overington

    Community Service: Carville D. (Don) Duncan


    Business Woman: Laura Heikes

    Business Man: Dan Bridges

    Small Business: Chem-Dry On the Shore

    Large Business: CBIZ MHM, LLC

    Not For Profit: Mid-Shore Pro Bono, Inc.

    Young Professional: Suzanne Silverstein

    Community Service: R. Michael S. Menzies Sr.


    Business Man of the Year: Terry John, President

    of Mid Atlantic Tire

    Business Woman of the Year: Mary Ellen Carter,

    CFO/Franchise Owner Express Employment Professionals

    Small Business of the Year: Tidewater Cleaning Service,

    Owners Kathy Lill & Nicole Dull

    Large Business of the Year: Tidewater Inn, Lauren

    Catterton, Inn Manager

    Not For Profit of the Year: Chesapeake College,

    Dr. Barbara Viniar, President

    Young Professional of the Year: Ben Taylor, Engineer

    with Davis Bowen & Friedel Inc.

    Community Service Award Recipient: Deborah Harrison Urry,

    Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center

    Life Member Award: Earle B. (Bud) Wood, Jr.,

    Salesperson Exit Latham Realty


    Business Woman: Jacqueline (Jackie) Wilson

    Business Man: Dave Tuthill

    Small Business: RAUCH inc

    Large Business: Londonderry on the Tred Avon

    Not For Profit: Rotary Club of Easton

    Young Professional: Ismael (Izzy) Mercado

    Community Service: Alfred B. (Tim) Kagan, Jr.


    Business Woman: Marie Teat

    Business Man: Robert D. Rauch

    Small Business: Dwelling & Design

    Large Business: AXIS Geospatial, LLC

    Not For Profit: Channel Marker, Inc.

    Young Professional: Kristin Lockerman

    Community Service: Joseph E. Peters

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