• Talbot County Roads Department Expands Paving Efforts

  • Easton, MD – August 5, 2021
    Contact: Warren Edwards, Superintendent Talbot County Roads Department
    (410) 770-8150
    Talbot County Roads Department Expands Paving Efforts
    Talbot County residents may notice a smoother ride while traveling along the County’s backroads. More than two miles of new asphalt paving has been laid on Chapel Road, Deep Neck Road, and most recently Rest Circle since March 2021, funded through this year’s County budget appropriations.
    The Talbot County Department of Roads services over 374 miles of roads, which includes mowing, snow removal and paving, as well as tree trimming and maintaining the ditches and culverts throughout the County. The Department is currently working to pave the County’s more heavily traveled roads that are wide enough with asphalt, which lasts longer than tar and chip which usually only lasts two to three years.
    “Our goal is to ask for $1 million a year to pave 10 to 12 miles of Talbot County roads a year, plus funding every year to tar and chip 30 to 40 miles of roads,” comments Warren Edwards, Superintendent for Talbot County Roads Department. “There will continue to be roads in Talbot County that have to be tar and chipped because of their location and size. The system we have been following for repairing roads over the last four to five years has proven to be effective.”
    July 1, the Talbot County Department of Roads was able to purchase a new milling machine to address problem spots on County roads before and after tar and chipping and full depth paving. The machine helps workers target high spots or ridges that have developed in the middle of the roads.
    “Our employees do a great job. They are experienced, diligent, and seasoned employees, handling diverse responsibilities from mowing to routine maintenance issues on our roads, to snow removal. I am proud of the excellent work that they do,” adds Edwards.
    “The improvements have really made a difference on Chapel Road where I routinely ride my bike. It’s great underneath the wheels, making it easy on your knees,” comments Talbot County Councilman Corey Pack, who is an avid cyclist on County roads.
    “Due to the commitment of our new County Manager and Council, we are addressing some of the County’s most urgent roads’ needs,” Edwards adds.
    During a recent washout on Three Bridge Branch Road in the northern part of the County, the Department of Roads acted quickly to address the issue and get the road operational again.
    “We can’t say enough about how committed our employees are to addressing road emergencies as they occur. We have had challenges with some storm drain culverts with the heavy rains we see this time of year from thunderstorms. Staff is quick to respond and get traffic flowing again – which is a testament to their expertise in dealing with these matters,” comments Clay Stamp, County Manager for Talbot County Government.
    For concerns about Talbot County roads, call the Talbot County Roads Department at 410-770-8150.

     Pictured are employees of the Talbot County Department of Roads working on a recent asphalt paving project at the Rest Circle outside of Easton.

    Roads crews from the Talbot County Department of Roads attend to a recent road washout on Three Bridge Branch Road near Cordova.