• Talbot County Comm. on Aging holds Senior Supply Drive

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    Easton, MD – March 4, 2020
    Contact: The Brookletts Place, 410-822-2869 
    Talbot County Commission on Aging Holds Senior Supply Drive
    Many seniors today on fixed incomes are finding it hard to make ends meet. This means taking money from their household budgets, which would normally be used for buying food, paying for living expenses, or paying for medical expenses to purchase incontinence supplies.
    According to the Talbot County Commission on Aging website (talbotsenior.com), incontinence affects over 60% of women and 25% of men. In Talbot County, 26 percent of Talbot County’s population is 65 years of age or older – the highest percentage of seniors in any county in the state. To address this need in Talbot County, the Commission on Aging is holding a Senior Supply Drive to help Talbot County seniors.
    According to Kate Stinton of the Talbot County Health Department, “We have provided over 700 donated items to Talbot seniors, at an estimated savings to them of $5,600. The need for these supplies is a regular, ongoing expense for many seniors. These supplies are a necessity, not a luxury.”
    Jenna Marchi of Home Instead Senior Care adds, “Those that can't afford to purchase the supplies are often afraid or unable to leave home to socialize, shop, or travel.  When we provide these supplies at no cost, that leaves money for the person to pay household bills such as medicine and food.”
    Supplies needed for seniors include small and medium sized pull-up incontinence briefs (not diapers), female incontinence pads, disposable flat underpads, wipes, and disposable gloves. Donations are being accepted between March 1 and May 31 at the following locations: Brookletts Place - Talbot Senior Center at 400 Brookletts Avenue in Easton, Home Instead Senior Care at 8626 Brooks Drive Suite #202 in Easton, Londonderry on the Tred Avon - Community Center at 700 Port Street in Easton, Pemberton Pharmacy at 204 S. Talbot Street in St. Michaels, the Talbot County Health Department at 100 S. Hanson Street in Easton, Candlelight Cove at 106 Earle Avenue in Easton, and the Orthopedic Center at 510 Idlewild Avenue in Easton.
    The Talbot County Senior Care program currently supports an average of 135 Talbot County seniors with some of these program services. About 15 percent of the direct service funds for the program are spent on incontinence supplies. Donated supplies offset this cost so Talbot County Senior Care Program’s limited funds can be used to assist more seniors, or to help them with other needs. The Senior Supply Drive is organized by the Talbot County Commission on Aging in partnership with the Talbot County Department of Social Services, Talbot County Health Department, Maryland Access Point, and the donation locations.
    The Talbot Commission on Aging was established in 2003 to advise the Talbot County Council on issues affecting seniors and to advocate for change. The vision of the Commission is to enhance the quality of life for all seniors in Talbot County.  Current members of the Commission are Lauren Harding, Jenna Marchi, Julie Crocker, Amie Denayer, Lee Newcomb, Marion Donahue, Kate Stinton, Cindy Bach, Jennifer Pierson, Irma Toce, Ellen Taggert, Tami Weber, Childlene Brooks, Gary Gunther, Wynne Aroom, and Frank Divilio, Talbot County Council Representative.
    Donations will also be accepted. For further information, visit Talbot County Commission on Aging website, talbotsenior.com or call Kate Stinton at 410-819-5631 or email kate.stinton@maryland.gov.
    Caption: The Talbot County Commission on Aging is holding a Senior Supply Drive to help Talbot County seniors with incontinence supplies. Pictured left to right are Kate Stinton, Jennifer Marchi, Amie Denayer, Lauren Harding, Wynne Aroom, Ellen Taggert, Tami Weber, Cindy Bach, Lee Newcomb, Childlene Brooks, and Gary Gunther.

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