• CBMM to host K-9 Nose Work event

  • CBMM to host K-9 Nose Work event
    Guests visiting the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum on Sunday, Feb. 23, will once again have the opportunity to watch teams of experienced U.S. handler/dog teams train on campus, in addition to the chance to see CBMM’s numerous indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Campus will be closed to the public as part of the event on Friday, Feb. 21, and Saturday, Feb. 22.
    From 10am–noon, and again from 1–3:30pm, 20 teams from various states across the U.S. will take part in K-9 Nose Work (also called scent work and search work), a sport for dogs and their owners that’s created, sanctioned, and organized by the National Association of Canine Scent Work. During the training, dogs will be tasked with searching for and locating specific items through just the use of smell.
    This event, which is free for CBMM guests with general admission, is presented by Bob Boyles, a dog trainer, former law enforcement K-9 handler, NACSW and AKC judge, and founder of Art of Odor, LLC, and Cornelia C. Heckenbach of Fair Play Kennels, a NACSW champion dog handler/owner and local realtor. Due to the nature of this event, guests’ dogs will not be permitted on campus.
    From now through March 31, CBMM is offering a reduced daily admission rate of just $5 per guest. To learn more, visit cbmm.org.

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