• 4/27/20 COVID-19 Update

  • COVID-19 Update Key Points for April 27
     In the past 24 hours, Maryland reported 906 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the statewide total to 19,487.
     Three more people in Talbot County tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend, for a total of 37 confirmed cases.
     Of the state’s 858 deaths, 442 have occurred in long-term care facilities.
     The number of hospitalizations is holding steady in Maryland with 139 in the past 24 hours. The number spiked over the weekend with 202 over the weekend.
     The poultry industry accounts for a number of new cases. The CDC has sent teams to Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia to help with contact tracing.
     Benchmarks for the Maryland Roadmap to Recovery include a 14-day downward trajectory of COVID19 cases, hospitalization rates (including the current ICU bed usage rates), and number of deaths.

    For Immediate Release April 27, 2020
    Maryland COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise, Thwarting Those Who Want Businesses to Reopen Governor Larry Hogan says Maryland must see a declining number of COVID-19 cases before the state’s nonessential businesses can reopen, but the number of confirmed cases continued to rise over the week. The state reported 1,150 new cases on Saturday alone. “The number of new COVID-19 cases must go down for 14 consecutive days, and that just hasn’t happened yet,” says Dr. Fredia Wadley, Health Officer for Talbot County. “We expect our numbers of confirmed COVID19 cases to climb as testing increases, but other things including new hospital admissions and the death rate have not declined,” says Dr. Wadley. This indicates that Maryland hasn’t peaked yet. These primary benchmarks must go down for 14 consecutive days, and that just hasn’t happed yet.”
    Outbreaks at poultry processing plants in Maryland and Delaware have caused the number of cases on the Eastern Shore to climb sharply. Though Talbot County has not had a significant number of cases linked to chicken processing plants, some counties on the Mid-Shore and Lower Shore have experienced increases. 
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has deployed teams to Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia to respond to these outbreaks. State and local officials are working together to implement measures that will decrease the spread of the virus, including messaging to the Hispanic populations in each state.
    In Talbot County, the Health Department partners with the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center to reach the local immigrant community. “The immigrant community here in Talbot County is caught demographically in a bad place,” says Executive Director Matthew Peters. “Most are low income and most are considered essential employees. They work in food service, landscaping, construction, and housekeeping. “Each and every day as they go out to work they are putting themselves more at risk,” he explains. “Over time that risk just keeps accumulating. All it takes is one person to bring in the virus, and it will spread very quickly.
    Staff at the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center work with the Health Department to translate information and to get it directly to the immigrant community. Some staffers have even been tapped to be trained to help with contact tracing. “This is new for everybody,” Peters says. “We have to digest information and make sure it’s pertinent before we pass it along. If we don’t know the answer, we ask Dr. Wadley or we get information directly from the Sheriff. Trust is an easy thing to break. We want to make sure we are sharing accurate information with our clients.” While the spread of the disease in area chicken plants is concerning, Dr. Wadley says it’s equally disconcerting that some local businesses that are considered essential simply aren’t taking sufficient measures to protect their employees and customers.
    "I am getting complaints every day about businesses that are open but are not accepting their responsibility to take precautions to limit the spread of COVID 19,” Dr. Wadley explains. “We have spent more than two weeks educating businesses about the need for social distancing and the importance of wearing masks. “While some are taking this seriously, we have some employers who tell their staff not to ask customers to wear a mask,” she says. “Everyone is anxious to reopen, but not everyone wants to wear a mask.
    Some employers still are not willing to enforce precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These attitudes and behaviors are not only spreading the virus and increasing our numbers, they are delaying reopening.”
    The warm late spring weather has caused some Talbot County residents to chafe under the stay-at-home restrictions. “With the weather change, we all want to get out and go,” says Corey Pack, President of the Talbot County Council. “But we have to remember that this is a very, very contagious disease. If we commit to doing our part and maintain the course, we will get through this.”
    Choptank Community Health System CHOPTANK COMMUNITY HEALTH SYSTEM COMMITTED TO SERVING MID-SHORE COMMUNITY DURING COVID-19 DENTON, MD (March 24, 2020) --- Choptank Community Health System (CCHS) remains committed to serving the medical and dental needs of our community.
    For 40-years, our focus has always been on improving the health of our Eastern Shore Community. To further assist existing patients and members of our community, currently without primary care, we are now offering video telehealth appointments. These visits feature endto-end encryption for a secure connection between our medical providers and our patients. “As our community is responding to a pandemic, those with chronic health conditions should not be forced to manage their health alone. We are in this together!
    Primary care is essential medical care and community health centers across our nation are stepping up to ensure patients continue to have access to their primary care provider,” said Sara Rich, Choptank Health’s Chief Executive Officer.
    As the COVID-19 situation developed, Choptank Community Health executed emergency plans to meet the demand for COVID-19 services and implemented drive-up triage and testing at five of their Health Center locations. At this time, CCHS has completed over 400 COVID-19 tests for residents of the Mid-Shore, over 75 of those tested reside in Talbot County.
    Choptank will continue to be a local source of COVID-19 tests for those who may not have a primary care provider or be unable to travel to the regional testing site at Chesapeake College. CCHS continues to provide world-class healthcare for all and further innovated by making video appointments and telephone check-ins available to all patients in need of primary medical care.
    New patients are also encouraged to establish care with CCHS via a video appointment. While in-person access to our health centers is limited, and Maryland continues to restrict access to elective and non-urgent procedures, Choptank is leveraging existing technology to bring primary medical care directly to our patient’s home, via video visits.
    Anyone in need of medical care is encouraged to call their local Choptank Community Health Center, where staff are available to assist with scheduling, sign-up, and any questions. Patients who have completed video visits enjoyed the ease of having a routine medical appointment in the comfort of their own home. Jonathan Forte, Chief Operating Officer at Choptank Health, stated, “As Coronavirus continues to impact our region, healthcare providers continue to help our community adapt. We must all practice social distancing and attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. By enabling video visits, our patients can continue to rely on Choptank Community Health System and see a medical provider from the comfort and safety of their own home.” Choptank Community Health has also worked closely with industry leaders on the Mid-Shore to enhance the safety and availability of testing to workers in agriculture, poultry, and manufacturing that is the lifeblood of the Eastern Shore. By continuing to enhance occupational safety and provide educational materials to industry leaders, CCHS is hoping to stop the spread of COVID-19 and assist our local economy.
    Choptank Community Health System encourages our community to be prepared, stay calm and stay home. Patients should contact their local Choptank Health Center with any questions about potential symptoms or appointments. Existing patients are encouraged to keep their next scheduled appointment & download the Google Duo app today.
    Together we will work to keep our Eastern Shore community healthy and safe. For the latest updates and culturally competent educational materials in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole, follow Choptank Health on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
    albot County Public Schools
    TCPS meal distribution will be on Tuesday, April 28 and Friday, May 1 from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. at all school sites. Sodexo is now providing frozen food items that will require refrigerated storage and reheating. If you are unable to pick up meals and need emergency delivery, please call Crystal Miller at 443-432-5091. The TCPS Instructional Technology Help Desk will be open on Tuesday, April 28 from 9:00 a.m. to noon and Friday May 1 from noon - 3:00 p.m. at Easton High School and St. Michaels Elementary School.
    Please email helpdesk@talbotschools.org for virtual support or to schedule a help desk appointment for iPads or laptops. TCPS encourages parents to wear masks/cloth face coverings during meal pickups or IT Help Desk visits to help fight the spread of COVID-19.
    We are determined to support our students to earn the credits for their currently enrolled courses. We will be sending information out today about 3rd quarter progress reports, and plans for grading for the 4th quarter.
    The Hot Spots purchased through the Talbot Family Network Grant are in and being programmed. They will be distributed this week, and we will be outfitting buses with Hot Spots for some of our rural areas.
    Help us celebrate the Class of 2020! We are asking our Seniors and their families to share photos of themselves wearing gear and/or holding signs to celebrate their commitments to college, career, or the military to post on the TCPS Facebook page. Please email photos to dgardner@talbotschools.org. “I am so very proud of our students, as they have handled the loss of many special events and activities this year extremely well,” said Dr. Kelly Griffith, Superintendent. “We are trying to do as much celebration and recognition for students and staff virtually as we possibly can, and we appreciate everyone’s ideas, patience and support.”
    Throughout the week of April 27th, the YMCA of the Chesapeake will host drive-through food drives at nine of its locations across the Eastern Shore to support the Maryland Food Bank. The Maryland Food Bank works with local food banks, churches and non-profit organizations to ensure families have food on the shelf, and their stores are in constant need of resupply. “This partnership with the Maryland Food Bank is one of many ways our mission work continues during the coronavirus pandemic,” said Robbie Gill, YMCA of the Chesapeake CEO. “Thanks to the ongoing support of our members, we have been able to redirect our staff and resources to support the most vulnerable members of our community.
    The Maryland Food Bank asked for our help, and we were proud to offer our facilities and staff to help restock their shelves.” The Maryland Food Bank has requested donations of canned goods, non-perishable items and toiletries. Drive-through food drives will take place at the following times and locations: Wednesday, April 29th, 8:00am – 2:00pm Easton Family YMCA 202 Peachblosson Road Easton, MD 21601 Caroline County Family YMCA 46 Denton Plaza Denton, MD 21629 Pauline F. and W. David Robbins Family YMCA (Cambridge) 201 Talbot Ave Cambridge, MD 21613 Thursday, April 30th, 8:00am – 2:00pm Queen Anne’s County Family YMCA 123 Coursevall Dr Centreville, MD 21617 Kent County Family YMCA 800 High Street Chestertown, MD 21620 Friday, May 1st, 8:00am – 2:00pm Cecil County Family YMCA 25 YMCA Boulevard Elkton, MD 21921 Perkins Family YMCA and Bay Hundred Senior Center (St. Michaels) 300 Seymour Ave St. Michaels, MD 21663 For more information, contact Derek White, Group Executive at dwhite@ymcachesapeake.org or 540-250- 0793.

    Where to Find More Information o CDC COVID-2019 Website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html o Talbot County COVID-19 Information www.talbotcovid19.org o Shore Regional Health COVID Information https://www.umms.org/shore/patientsvisitors/coronavirus o Maryland Department of Health Website: https://health.maryland.gov/pages/home.aspx o Talbot County Health Department Website: https://health.maryland.gov/talbotcounty/Pages/home.aspx o Maryland COVID-19 Website: https://governor.maryland.gov/coronavirus

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