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  • Posted: 11/07/2021

    Clinical Assistant Job Description
    Position Overview
    Shore Integrative Health is an integrative wellness clinic offering individual wellness
    consultations and custom testing services. Given our current economic climate, we
    have an equal focus in both areas: consultations and testing.
    This position’s primary focus is to handle the daily functions of the testing portion of the
    business and assist with admin duties pertaining to the business as a whole.
    Our ideal Clinical Assistance will come to the team with ample experience in healthcare
    and a desire to help grow the business. Prior testing experience is not required.
    Although we permit “side gigs” / work outside of this role, it must not compete or overlap
    with the work we do, or interfere with your role and responsibilities within the team. This
    allows us to project a united front, shows that we are in this together as one business,
    and have the greatest possible impact.
    This position is considered non-exempt under FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act).
    Hours/Place of Work
    This is a part-time, 6 month contract position 6-24 hours per week (Monday-Friday) with
    rotating weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 1-2 times per month. You will likely average
    about 18 hours per week. There is a possible option to extend the contract or move to
    part-time or full-time employment. There are times when last minute clients arrive to be
    tested, and you are expected to stay late (with compensation) to accommodate the
    client. This position is primarily during the day; however, there may be times when you
    are asked to work in the evening and/or last minute due to the nature of testing being
    You must be willing to provide service to patients at their homes upon request.
    There may be times throughout the year when we meet for collaboration and/or training,
    so some travel may be required. There also may be time when testing a large number
    of people at a different site is needed, so some travel may also be required in that
    Essential Responsibilities
    ● Test clients for COVID-19 infection, COVID-19 antibodies, and other tests as we
    continue to expand testing services
    ● Provide testing services at the client’s car door regardless of weather
    o Testing may also be provided in our office; however, that is not where
    testing is currently being performed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    ● Pleasantly answer phones in a welcoming tone and make sure you’ve answered
    all of the caller’s questions
    ● Provide clients with a wonderful, easy, and quick testing experience; accurate
    result documentation; and guidance on navigating the patient portal and email
    ● Help Lab Director organize and maintain compliance materials for future
    employees, audits, etc.
    ● Escalate any unpleasant experiences or displeased clients by communicating
    such instances to your supervisor
    ● Perform extra administrative-like tasks throughout the workday as assigned by
    your supervisor
    Key Skills and Characteristics
    ● You enjoy working independently but can also thrive working with an expanding
    ● You are comfortable asking for the sale
    o Example: Someone is asking about the tests we offer. You ask, “Would
    you like to make an appointment for a COVID PCR test?”
    ● You are a thinker and a doer – you think outside of the box and enjoy being an
    integral part of new projects
    ● You enjoy fast paced working environments, yet you are able to manage other
    tasks on slower days
    ● You are able to follow direction and complete tasks on your own
    ● You are able to answer phones while doing other work
    Education and Competency Requirements
    ● Must have an active license in a heathcare field
    o i.e. medical assistant, pharmacy technician, phlebotomist, nurse, licensed
    practical nurse, etc.
    ● CPR certification preferred
    o Required to obtain within the first 3 months of employment.
    Physical Requirements
    ● The ability to lift 50 lbs.
    ● The ability to move safely over uneven terrain
    ● The ability to see 20/20 (with contacts as glasses can be difficult to wear when in
    ● The ability to work in the elements (i.e. rain, snow, sunshine, etc.)
    ● The ability to wear personal protective gear correctly most of the day
    ● The ability to use ends of fingers to press things together
    ● Uniform scrubs
    Application Instructions
    If you would like to be considered for this position, please submit the following via email
    to kristin@shoreintegrativehealth.com:
    ● PDF of your resume
    ● Cover letter including:
    o Why do you want to work with us?
    o Why are you the best person for this job?
    o 3 references (2 of which need to be professional)
    More about Shore Integrative Health
    We provide services that are difficult to find in the conventional healthcare industry. In
    everything we do, we aim to make clients feel comfortable, welcome, and respected.
    We are a dedicated and professional team that is committed to excellence and setting
    the bar higher in the healthcare industry. We always strive to see the upside to any
    situation and maintain the strength and flexibility to change course as our business
    Our Team Values
    ➔ Purposeful Ambition: We value drive, hard work and kicking ass. When the
    heat’s turned up, we step up to the challenge. We are equally thoughtful about
    our commitments.
    ➔ Unyielding Compassion: We believe that everyone is doing the very best
    they can in the moment. We lead with love, patience and understanding.
    ➔ Openly Coachable: We believe in continuous growth and are open to
    feedback and necessary tough conversations to move us forward.
    ➔ Creative Resourcefulness: We are strategic and thoughtful in our actions.
    We believe there is always a way to make it work and we will do the digging to
    figure it out. We rely on each other when we get stuck.
    ➔ Unwavering Integrity: We take pride in our reputation as industry leaders.
    We are honest, professional and intentional.
    ➔ Total Ownership: We believe we are all leaders. We own our individual
    positions like a boss.
    ➔ Intentional Margin: We prioritize the down time so that we can be our best
    when we are showing up for ourselves, our team members and our students.
    ➔ Proactive Inclusivity: We believe in the diversity and inclusion of all people
    regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. This
    includes thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and experiences.
    Our Perks
    The Benefits:
    ● Competitive compensation and paid-time off, along with ample company paid
    holidays for full-time employees
    ● Never working on your birthday again! Hit the beach, get your nails done, sleep
    on the couch, we don’t care what you do, just don’t come to work! For all
    The Team & Culture:
    ● Forget the traditional corporate culture. Kristin left that behind for a reason! We
    are creating an environment that is welcoming, friendly, approachable, and
    knock-your-socks-off awesome in customer service (and to one another!).
    Regular meetings and team events are a big part of what we do and plan to do in
    the future.
    The Development:
    ● Something you’ve always wanted to learn? Let us know what you’re interested in,
    and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate that!
    Disclaimer: This job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive
    listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee.

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