• MD AWARE II Teacher Consultant/ Behavior Specialist

  • Posted: 01/17/2021

    TITLE: MD AWARE II - Teacher Consultant/Behavior Specialist



    1. A Master’s degree in education, psychology, or social work.  
    2. Must hold a current, or be eligible to obtain, an Advanced Professional Certificate in teaching from the state of Maryland.
    3. Minimum of 3-5 years of classroom teaching experience.
    4. Such alternatives to all the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

    REPORTS TO: Supervisor of Student Services


    JOB GOAL: Provide support and training to school staff and parents who have children with significant behavioral difficulties.



    1. Provide support and training to school staff and/or parents on behavior strategies and interventions to utilize with groups of students and individual students.
    2. Conduct both informal and formal observations of students who are experiencing behavioral challenges and offer informal and/or formal feedback to school teams and/or parents.
    3. Complete Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBAs) and develop Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) for designated students. 
    4. Consult and collaborate with other service providers of a student, both in and outside of the school setting, to gain information about the whole child.
    5. Monitor students’ BIPs to ensure they are being implemented with fidelity and support school staff through any challenges with implementation.
    6. Assist in developing student specific crisis plans.
    7. Act as a resource to school staff to collaborate and provide intervention and/or support to schools when a student is in crisis.
    8. Assist school staff with developing behavioral goals for students, and collecting data on progress toward meeting goals.
    9. Participate in school team meetings for identified students of concern to develop and review behavior management protocols and procedures.
    10. Provide training to school staff on behavioral strategies to use with students.
    11. Provide training to parents on behavioral strategies to use with their children.
    12. Assist with data collection for grant reports.
    13. Submit a monthly summary report of caseload and activities.
    14. Other duties as assigned.

    TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Exempt position.  Ten month position.  Salary is established by the Board.  Grant funded position subject to modification or elimination annually.

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